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Housingless Mills

High rigidity, reliability and quick roll change capabilities are the key features of the state of the art mill stands, which are designed for producing bars, wire rod, angles, channels, and universal beams. The connection and disconnection of the spindles and all the fluid utilities are fully automatic and therefore the stands can be interchanged very quickly. Different versions including horizontal, vertical, convertible and drop-in-joker (which converts a horizontal to a vertical) are in operation, allowing rapid adaptation to the variety of the rolled products needed to fulfill stringent market demands. Line flexibility allows rolling with low temperature, high alloy, wide forming passes, etc.

  • High competent rigidity
  • Reduced stress path
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Axial roll adjustment
  • Automatic screw- down system
  • Possibility for adjustment under load
  • A roll balance system, which eliminates backlash
  • Minimum wear and positive engagement due to
  • self-balancing spindle support
  • Long bearing Life
  • Automatic utility connections

Sliding Stands

Modern 2-high sliding stands are reversible and fully automatic. They represent an innovation solution for roughing and intermediate mills and constitute the latest stage of 3-high stand evolution.

  • A fixed rolling line with sliding stands to match the exact groove according to pass design reduced roller table width.
  • Automatic Roll gap adjustment.
  • Simple fountains.
  • Advance billet manipulation system
  • Reduce bite angle due to adjustable entry speed.

Convertible Stands

Today’s mills can be used in a wide range of configurations in order to provide an ultimate selection of products from a single mill layout. It is possible to change from one unrelated product to another by simply pushing buttons and without the lengthy procedures needed for an old style mill change over. Convertible stands allow either horizontal or vertical positioning of the intermediate finishing trains in accordance with production requirements.

  • Less than two minutes to change the position
  • Excellent stand rigidity
  • Reduced fountain depth
  • Quick stand change system without crane requirement

Universal Stands

These stands are interchanged with horizontal stands when rolling structural shapes. In addition to the horizontal rolls, the stands are fitted with a set of idler rolls to work the flanges.

  • Fast stand and roll change
  • Modular design to reduce crane requirement
  • Hydraulic vertical and horizontal roll adjustment
  • Highest rigidity with housing less design.