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Shears & Saws


  • Crop & Cobble Shear

    The Shear are used in Hot Rolling to Crop Front End, Tail End and as well as to segment cutting in case of eventualities. These Shears are start/stop type and are driven either with Flywheel mounted Pneumatic Clutch/Brake or Direct DC motor driven. These shears are controlled through PLC System and provide very close tolerance of the cut length.

  • Cooling Bed Dividing Shear (TMT Shear)

    These Shears are used to cut cooling bed lengths. (Surface Temperature around 350C° min.)These Shears are generally installed after Quenching line & before entry to Cooling Bed.

    Shears are Stop/Start and continuous operating type and driven by the Direct DC Motor Drive.These are controlled through PLC system. Hence very close tolerance of cut length is achieved.

  • Rotary Shear

    These cost effective Rotary Shears are used to Crop Font, Tail and as well as to scrap the pre quenched bars during emergency. These Shears are continuous rotating type. Generally these Shears are used to trim Hot Rolled Bars at considerably at lower speed.

Hot Saws

These Hot Saws are used in hot rolling to cut desired length and as well as top trim Front & Rear End. These shears are capable are capable of cutting section size ranging from 80 to 600mm(Beam, Channel, Angle) and as well as Square, Rounds of 40 to 250mm. These Hot saws presently are two types: Pendulum swinging type and horizontal shift type.

Cold Saws

PPRM designs flying and static type cold shears, with clutch and brake or direct drive, to produce the ultimate and product.


  • Both open & closed types are available
  • Extremely precise cutting
  • Quick change device for blade replacement
  • Handles quenched rebar and high alloy steels.
  • Available with start stop drive.