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Cooling Beds

Cooling beds naturally cool the material as well as cross transfer towards the discharge end. PPRM cooling beds are designed using standard elements that can be combined in accordance with plant product mix requirements and production capacity.

Full mechanical component standardization assures constant equipment quality, as well as high performance levels. Depending on differing speed requirements, cooling beds are entry can be completed with lifting aprons and natural braking, magnetic braking, or twin channel and mechanical braking. For special applications, the cooling beds are provided with slow cooling by insulated covers and forced cooling by water spray systems or water tanks. A twin or double twin channel system for extremely high rolling speeds is available.

These types are:

  • Automatic rake type cooling bed which transfers the material by one pitch for every rake movement. These are provided with twin channel bar delivery system or run in table with apron type diverters. The bed is provided with bar alignment.
  • Turn over type cooling bed for alloy steel which rotates the bars by one revolution every time the rake moves by a pitch. These impart superior straightness in material improvised metallurgical properties as the bars are uniformly cooled.