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PPRM: The Kaizen Journey-Implementation of Toyota Production System.
  • Aim to be both Competent and Competitive.
  • Aim to become the Quality supplier with Lowest Delivery Period and at the most reasonable Price of the Product.

Implementation of Toyota Production System since 2011-

Already Implemented at PPRM

  • Implementation of 6S.
  • Implementation of Autonomous Maintenance.
  • Implementation of Planned Maintenance.
  • Concept of Flow and Pull, Value Stream and Throughput Time.
  • Implementation of supermarket for bought outs and raw materials-Kanban System.
  • Development of SOP’s for key business processes
  • Development of workmen and staff skill matrix. Balance Score Card ,Corporate Score Card.
  • SHE audit score .

Four Principal Elements of Lean Daily Management

The lean management system consists of four principal elements:

  • Visual controls -Transmission-To move ahead.
  • Daily accountability process -Gas Pedal.
  • Leader standard work and Check List –Steering Wheel.
  • Leadership discipline- Fuel.

Kaizen Management System implementation

KAI + ZEN = KAIZEN (Changing for the better)
Kaizen Management System implementation

Kaizen in Action

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  • Kaizen
  • Kaizen
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