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Ultra High-Speed Combination Shear – A Quality Product from the House of PPRM

28 Aug, 2021

PPRM is a trusted name to procure quality-oriented, high performance and cost-effective rolling mills and their spare parts. With its wide range of equipments, it is empowering metal manufacturing business of all types.

The Ultra-high-speed combination shear is another excellent high-end product that PPRM offers to the rolling mill. What are its unique features and how it can empower your business by improving performance? Let’s figure this out.

Features of Ultra high-speed combination shear

For metal forming, shearing is a simple yet critical process, used for cutting bars for manageable lengths (optimal bar handling).

Our high-speed combination shear is an optimal solution as:

  • It comes in dual mode. One can choose between start-stop or continuously operating mode and gain full control over your cutting process.
  • It a single (one) shear, capable to cut metal of various diameters. Diameters from 8mm to 40mm TMT are supported.
  • It keeps operational and spare costs lower as now you would need to maintain blades and other spares for one equipment only.
  • It is able to deliver torque and speed required for the bar diameter range. It supports speeds as low as 2MPS and as high as 40MPS. This way, one can set the desired speed based on the diameter and production demands.
  • Owning these remarkable and outstanding qualities, our ultra-high-speed combination shear has become the first choice of all those who want to enjoy continual and maximum metal forming abilities.

PPRM takes pride to announce that we have already commissioned these shears at prestigious clients, based in Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and Asian Countries. Now, it’s your turn.
Our experts are all set to help you out and answer all your queries.

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