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Rungta Mines, Chaibasa Rolling Mill success story with PPRM

15 Sep, 2021

PPRM stands far ahead of its competitors in the rolling mill manufacturing industry. Being a leader, we don’t mind going an extra step to deliver more than the standard offerings. Rungta Mines, Chaibasa, a prestigious client of PPRM laid its faith in us and we didn’t disappoint.

We did the end-to-end rolling mill site commissioning for this client while keeping aside the conventional designing & mechanism concepts and supporting 100% customization. Curious to know what all we did?

Scroll down to know what made the client prefer PPRM and what makes us different from other businesses in the same field as ours. 

Better capacity and speed 

The supplied mill with a designed capacity of 17,000 TPM is now producing up to 24,500 TPM after very minor modifications proposed within a year of the supply. The additional benefits were better yield and lower power consumption. The modifications were implemented practically. There was no operation shut down since most of the work was done during the heat breaks.  

Initially, the mill was designed for ø 8mm diameter @ 28mps. But they have made a successful trial for ø 8mm @ 30 mps with the same finishing area machinery. This shows the rigidity of PPRM’s machinery. 

Latest designing 

The client is enjoying best-of-breed housingless stands with the installed rolling mill. The design is done as per the latest industry standards. For instance, we have provided the speed braking pinch rolls and TMT pinch rolls with a forced lubrication system in the gearbox and roll unit. Because of this ultra-modern designing concept, the client was able to run the rolling mills at a higher speed while facing the least possible hassles.  

We went the extra mile in offering quality services and offered the gearbox designed with 2.5 safety factors. The gearbox bearings are from SKF/FAG, European Origin, which is a mark of excellence.    

Amazing Capacity

Rungta Mines needed to set up a high capacity rolling mill plant and PPRM made this possible. Presently, the mill is capable to produce 900 tons per day. As the rolling mill is highly flexible, this capacity can be increased in the future.

Improve your Operations with PPRM & Grow Faster

PPRM continued support during breakdowns has been appreciated by RUNGTA mines and we are awarded the supply contract for 2 more rolling mills for their Dhenkanal Plant. Client was more than satisfied with our organization.

Rungta Mines has managed to achieve its organizational goals and taste success with the help of PPRM. When are you making a forward move? 

For all your queries and concerns, our team is all set. All kinds of rolling mill-related needs can be well taken care of here.


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