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Madhav KRG was Setup with Latest High Speed Slitting Technology Supplied by PPRM

31 Mar, 2022

PPRM has been the first choice of many industry leaders as PPRM is equipped to offer end-to-end and optimized solutions. Madhav KRG, a Punjab-based mill plant, trusted PPRM. Like always, PPRM took the charge of to provide latest high speed slitting technology to achieve 300,000TPA productivity.

The Background

At that time Madhav KRG was looking for a bigger production capacity plant to become an industry leader. By taking inspiration from our Bahrain-based project, done back in 2008-2009 for Unirol, PPRM offered to Madhav KRG a solution in the form of a high-speed slitting line.

About the Needs of our Client, Madhav KRG

Madhav KRG wanted to establish a mill with an annual production capacity of 300,000 TPA. We helped them to become the market leader by providing them the solution to produce rebars of the size range of 2xØ8mm to Ø40mm with a single slit of sizes 2xØ8mm to 2xØ12mm.

The client selected PPRM for installing the continuous high speed single slit mill.

Solutions We Offered

Our customized assistance was far-reaching, and we achieved the mill capacity within a short span of time while delivering a solution that was better-than-expected at various fronts. The implemented assistance involved:

Direct Charging Line

PPRM provided direct charging line solution to Madhav KRG in which billet directly comes from caster in 3 Hi Roughing Mill sizes 610 CRS.

8 Different Conventional Intermediate Mill Stands

Our conventional intermediate mill stand is one-of-its-kind as it features a central greasing and water-cooling system. As the stand features, the bore finish is as good as bearing OD thereby giving higher mill bearing life.

7 Housingless Horizontal Finishing Mill Stands

Another quality product that we supplied to Madhav KRG was the housingless finishing mill stand with inherited features like reduced stress path, quick roll-gap setting feature and a rigid design. Our housingless horizontal finishing mill stands are out-of-ordinary as they come with better control on stock size, bigger mill screw size, automated operations and axial roll adjustment.

Crop & Cobble Shear

Because of PPRM’s quality-oriented crop and cobble shear, the client managed to cut bars of the accurate length and keep the yield wastage on the lower side. The shear demands low maintenance while delivering better performance.

Special TMT Line for Slit Bars

We empowered Madhav KRG with a quenching line system for producing rebars of Fe 415, Fe 500, Fe 550, and Fe 600. The TEMPCORE endorsed production process ensures 100% satisfaction.

1100 Flying Type Dividing Shear and 1020 Crank Type Dividing Shear

The flying type diving shear is compatible to cut 2xØ8-Ø16mm size TMT at a maximum speed of 20m/s while the crank type-dividing shear can cut TMT Ø20mm to Ø32mm at speed of 6m/s to 2m/s.

Tail Breaker

Tail Breaker supplied to Madhav was specially designed to operate at higher mill finishing speed of 24mps.

Rack Type Cooling Bed

The cooling bed, attached to the mill features a double twin channel bar receiving system and a better bar aligning arrangement.

Cold Shear Hydraulic Type

The Heavy-Duty cold shear can cut TMT Bar from Ø8mm to Ø40mm with full perfection.

Bar Handling Area

The bar handling area that PPRM created can accommodate 2Ton bundles. A magnetic type shorts bar separation layer along with a semi-automatic tying machine for tying the 2 Ton Bundle was also provided.

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We Are Working on Delivering More

Even though end-to-end assistance was offered, we have not stopped. Impressed by our performance in the rebar project, the client bought a high-speed wire rod line @ 90m/sec for Ø5.5mm. If you also need a viable way to leverage your mill’s production capacity. Please contact PPRM’s team of experts that will help you figure out the existing loop in your mill and offer scalable and need-based solutions.


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