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PPRM helps Maithan Steel to set up new Plant with Higher Capacity.

17 Dec, 2021

Maithan Steel is a West Bengal-based steel manufacturer with its old manufacturing plant having a 200,000 TPA capacity which was enhanced after revamping the existing plant by PPRM.

Now Maithan Steel again choose us to commission their new plant with more operational capacity and add all the necessitated crucial equipment for goal fulfillment. PPRM delved deeper into the requirements and weaved precise and optimized solutions.

Here’s what we delivered to our client and how it helped them:

Housingless Mill Stand with Unmatched Features

The first piece of equipment that PPRM supplied to Maithan Steel was the Housingless mill stand. As the mill is designed with 16 continuous stands, it required a trimmed stress path to grant it a higher mill bearing life. Housingless stand made the perfect choice in this case. Why?

 Let’s see:

  • The intelligent placement of roll changing and roll gap setting has made the process speedy in our delivered stands.
  • The unmatched rigidity of these stands comes from the quality-oriented mill screws, placed at an appropriate distance. Because of this rigidity, the stand is capable to trim down roll jumping, granting enhanced stock size control.
  • The exceptional machining and finishing grant enhanced operability while reducing maintenance expenses. The unique adjustable rest bar designs grants guarantee for better fixed rolling axis, quick adjustment, and less maintenance.
  • There is an air oil lubrication provision and spindle support bearings make our housingless mill support stand out against the crowd. As these stands feature common take off points for air-oil, water, and hydraulics, operations are seamless.

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Crop and Cobble Shear

We supplied crop and cobble shear to the client. This product delivery helped Maithan Steel to achieve great precision in bar cut, improved mill production, and fewer maintenance expenses for their new plant.

Crop and Cobble Shear

Continuous Shear

With the help of our high-speed continuous shear, the client was able to cut the bars of 8 to 16mm size. Compared to their previous plant, the bar speed was also enhanced as the shear can handle speeds between 30mps -9mps.

Continuous Shear

Crank Type Dividing Shear

Using the crank type diving shear, the plant is able to cut a TMT bar of Ø20-Ø32mm size and can attain a maximum speed of 6m/s.

Crank Type Dividing Shear

High-Speed Pinch Roll

The high-speed Pinch Roll of PPRM is suitable for operation up to 40mps. The new plant can, therefore, guide roll bars of diameters up to Ø8mm – Ø32mm.

High Speed Pinch Roll

Rack Type Cooling Bed

The cooling bed, offered by PPRM, comes with automatic operation for higher productivity. As it features a twin-channel bar of run-in table bar delivery system, product handling is easier with it. Other key features of this product are an in-built bar alignment system and layer transfer & forming. It also features natural braking, mechanical braking, and magnetic braking.

Rack Type Cooling Bed

Cold Shear Clutch & Break Type

Lastly, we supplied cold shear clutch and break type to Maithan Steel. The cold shear can cut precise TMT bar of 8mm to 40mm size and can bear higher production.

Cold Shear Clutch and Brake Type

The Perks Enjoyed

As each equipment delivery was need-specific, the newly-commissioned plant of Maithan Steel is more productive. The organization could raise its annual production from 200,000 TPA to 500,000 with this installation. In the first 20 days of installation, a contractual speed of Ø8mm @ 28mps was achieved. Considerable maintenance expenses were reduced and the client experienced higher ROI.

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