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Maithan Steel & Power Limited Took a Step Forward with PPRM: Here’s the Story of our Collaboration

29 Oct, 2021

PPRM is an ideal growth partner that businesses associated with manufacturing and rolling mill processing can bank upon. It brings all the leading resources, technology, and proficient help at clients’ disposal and allows them to move towards their goals without any hurdles.

Maithan Steel & Power Limited, a prestigious name of the manufacturing industry, got stuck with limited and inadequate resources while expanding manufacturing capacity become the priority. They call out PPRM for help and we didn’t disappoint our client.

The Problem Area  

The plant had a monthly production capacity of 10,000 tons per month. The at-work cross-country mill with seven repeaters was able to generate 94-95% yield. The maximum mill speed was 16m/s. This set-up needed an update as the plant wanted to swell up the production capacity from 10,000 tons per month to 16,000 per month.

How PPRM Helped?

PPRM came forward to make this happen. The major achievement for our team was – We didn’t stop the ongoing production through the old installation while revamping and upgrading it. Here is how we did it:

After meticulously examining the plant’s at-present capability and future goals, our team framed certain upgrades. For instance, minor modifications in the Roughing Roller Tables were done to incorporate the bigger billet length.

Certain addition in mill train at Intermediate area and reshuffling in existing gearboxes were done as existing gearboxes were not capable to achieve high speed and productivity rate.

PPRM’s gearboxes feature DIN Class 2-3 gear accuracy for the highest gear contact ratio. As we use only European Origin SKF & FAG bearings, our gearboxes are famed for longevity and robustness. With added 5 year warranty on gearboxes breakages, Maithan Steel & Power Limited has ultimate peace of mind. 

We have added Crop & Cobble Shear before finishing mill area. Our Crop & Cobble features accurate cut reliable operation, zero maintenance, and trimmed crop lengths.

Adding Cantilever Stand in the finishing area encouraged our client to have leveraged stable high speed and improves productivity by enhancing roll groove life and less changeover of finishing mill. The cantilever stand that we deployed at Maithan Steel & Power Limited is one of its kinds as its gears and case are hardened in a sealed quench furnace and has undergone sub-zero treatment. Because of this, it can endure long and rough operations continuously. The use of SCHENK Soft bearing balancing machine during the manufacturing of this cantilever stand led to amazing gears and pinion dynamic balance. 

The staunch adherence to the DIN Class 2/3 standards guarantees unmatched quality in the stand. As the stand comes with 3 to 4 numbers of grooves, our client will have to spend less on the TC ring rolls. 

Increased production capacity was a key concern of our client and we made it happen by appending Continuous Operating Dividing Shear which divide the bars at high speed. The shear features Continuously Operating Mode. The operating speed of this shear is 35mps. 

To make sure that high speed doesn’t cause any operational troubles; our experts added a twin channel at the cooling bed. 

The Upshot

Owning to the PPRM’s customized and strategic solution delivery, Maithan Steel & Power Limited is now operating at 16,000 tons per month capacity. The mill speed has touched the mark of 24m/s and is yielding 96-97%. We replaced the traditional mill with a cutting-edge semi-continuous mill featuring only two repeaters. Reduced repeater had a positive impact on productivity, maintenance& quality.

All these advancements have assisted Maithan Steel & Power Limited to expand its market reach and customer base. Our client has managed to boost the revenue and profit margin. The client is now able to make most of the current facilities.

Seeing our performance, quality & services Maithan Steel awarded us with a new Rolling Mill project, which has a capacity of 2,00,000TPA.

If they can manage to get rid of legacy machinery and upgrade the infrastructure with PPRM’s help, you can also do that – that too, without hating the operations or production. All you need to do is contact us, forward your request, and the rest will be taken care by us.

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