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Housingless Stand Delivered to SLR by PPRM: Here’s what Made our Client Feel Delighted

8 Oct, 2021

Thinking what made SLR to take initial risks with PPRM? We will give you an overview of the project first.

PPRM demonstrated engineering capability by providing Housingless Stands that performed at par with OEM supplied stands. In fact, they performed better than the previous supply and PPRM’s constant support during the commissioning was appreciated greatly by the Rolling Mills team at SLR Metaliks.

They tried the premium-grade Housingless Stand from the house of PPRM. The client absolutely loved how our stands could help them improve mills’ performance.

Rigidity and high-end speed performance are some of the perks that people at SLR Metaliks praised the most about them. Have a look at some exceptional features that the client liked:

Controlled roll jump 

Rolling mills are going to work in their best capacity when roll jumps are under control and are free from any hindrance. PPRM offered a cost-effective and high-performing solution. The observed roll jump is less than 0.1mm.  These stands are empowered with quick roll changing, unique adjustable Rest bar, Fixed Rolling axis and quick connect system for all Mill utilities. In short, the Housing less stand supplied to SLR are designed for Fully Automated operations.

Our housingless stands are extremely rigid, users are likely to experience reduces roll jumping. They are with roll neck diameter Ø 280, 230 & 200mm. This encourages better control of the stock size.

Impeccable design

These Housingless Stands feature mill screws of bigger size to keep the distance between two screws as little as possible. This ultra-modern designating concept adds to the traditional rigidity of the Housingless Mill Stands.

Unmatched customer experience

PPRM has designed the Housingless Stands for SLR in a manner that our customers enjoy the best performance and productivity. Their unique design of rest bar assures speedy adjustment, zero maintenance & high reliability.

As a user of our supplied Housingless Stands to SLR, one is bound to experience high service delivery as they feature common take-off points for water, air, oil, and hydraulics.

To make things extra easier, these Housingless Stands come with automatic operations. In short, high-end performance is a sure thing with them.

Come and experience the best with PPRM

PPRM skips the traditional designing concepts and incorporates modern ideas in its products. Our Housingless Stand delivered to SLR is the perfect example of this.

Do you also want top-notch quality Housingless Stands? Buy them and upgrade the operations of rolling mills. We have a team of experts ready to assist and guide you. Regardless of the needs of your rolling mill plant’s size, PPRM is equipped to empower you. Contact us to get started toward an amazing long-term collaboration that benefits you.

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