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Unirol is touching the new heights: It’s PPRM that Boosted their Potential

25 Feb, 2022

Located in Bahrain, Unirol is a rebar mill with slit technology with an annual production capacity of 180,000 to 200,000 TPA. PPRM was the first Indian company that delivered and installed the slit mill with a fully equipped Housingless Horizontal Mill Stand between 2008 and 2009 for Unirol. Setting up such an arrangement was a big deal 14 years back.

In fact, our business relations are very old and strong with the client’s organization till the date. Mill had the top-notch quality infrastructure, when it was established; it’s so superior that is still a great installation from today’s standards. Unirol is enjoying greater productivity and ROI on it because of PPRM think ahead about technology.

Presently, the client can produce bars with various size ranges from Ø8mm to Ø32mm, where 8 to 12mm are two strand rolling and Ø16mm to Ø32mm single strand rolling.

See how PPRM pitched in and helped Unirol in unleashing new capabilities: –

The PPRM’S Solution Set

At that time also PPRM had superior engineering skills and manufacturing facilities, because of which we could developed a product-oriented strategy, which included the implementation of:

8 Conventional Intermediate Mill Stands

With features like centralized greasing and water-cooling systems and higher mill bearing life, the PPRM’S conventional stand allowed Unirol to enjoy seamless bar passing as required cross-section is offered.

Our conventional intermediate mill stands are equipped with chocks that are separated from the liners and mill chocks bore ground finish. It reduces the friction that further leads to better mill chocks life.

7 Housingless Horizontal Finishing Mill Stands

As per the project philosophy need, we deployed 7 Housingless Horizontal Finishing Mill Stands, which provide superior performance with prime features like reduced stress path, quick roll-gap setting processes, and rigid designing. Our housingless horizontal finishing mill stands are out-of-ordinary as they come with better control on stock size, bigger mill screw size, automated operations, and axial roll adjustment.

Crop & Cobble Shear

Because of our crop and cobble shear, Unirol managed to maintain accuracy in bar cutting while keeping the machinery maintenance on the lower side. As bars were cut accurately, lesser yield is wasted, and our client enjoys a better outcome.

Special TMT Quenching Line for slit bars

The PPRM’S slit bars feature self –tempering process to deliver better weldability and a quenching system for producing rebars at speed of 13m/sec (max) satisfying all the international and national standards. The TEMPCORE endorsed production process of our slit bars is the best in the market.

Flying cum crank Type Dividing Shear

Our dividing shear allowed Unirol to cut TMT bars of 2xØ8xØ12mm & Ø16mm sizes at a bar speed of 13 m/s max in flying mode and in crank mode shear can cut a bar at speed of 6m/s max with size range Ø20mm to Ø32mm.

Rack Type Cooling Bed

The slit mill of Unirol managed to transfer the material from one pitch to another smoothly because of the rack-type cooling bed of PPRM. The bed features an exceptional bar aligning arrangement and transfer facility. It can support the slitting mill at varying speeds as features like magnetic breaking, mechanical braking, and natural braking back it.

Bar Handling Area

Lastly, we empowered Unirol with a high-end bar handling area that features an in-built chain transfer system to handle 2 ton capacity at ease.

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Success is around the corner

With PPRM, players of the rolling mill industry have a chance to leverage their operations and enhance productivity without exhausting the resources and investments. Just like Unirol, you can also enjoy better yield and higher annual production for the decades to come. Just call us today and we have a skilled helping hand for you.


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