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PPRM Is Here To Drive Success for Its Clients: It’s Mono Steel India Limited this time!

7 Jan, 2022

Once again, we are very happy to declare that PPRM has outfitted the right kind of resources to its client and allowed it to touch the sky. This time, Mono Steel India Limited, the leading manufacturer choose PPRM to enhance productivity and fuel up the fire of success.  

The project required implementing the cutting-edge hot rolling mill that could deliver high productivity while staying reliable and quality-oriented. PPRM has empowered Mono Steel India Limited once and for all.  

Today, client’s plant’s Rolling Mill availability is so much so that 97% of Hot Billet coming from CCM is rolled in the Rolling Mill. PPRM has empowered Mono Steel India Limited.

Our specialists look into the organizational needs and contrive the best fitting solutions. 

Quality service is our forte 

PPRM is the pillar of quality and excellence. The mill we implemented for Mono Steel India has the capacity to operate at the speed of 17mps for Ø8mm TMT. It can handle the average production of 500TPD. At present, even after years of installation, the mill is running at 20mps speed for 8mm – giving higher output of 650 TPD.

The rolling mill has become a means of achieving the highest production as Mono Steel India Limited managed to without adding/changing any mechanical equipment. Zero-maintenance on gears for last 6.5 years is another reason why our clients have no complaints till yet. 

Goal is near

Mono Steel India Limited is enjoying the professionally done hot rolling mill installed in the plant and is moving towards its goal at supersonic speed.  The yield of the rolling mill is more than 97%.

As the installation was done as per the client’s need, the expected ROI is a sure thing and our client is already experiencing it. 

They have done it; it’s your turn now 

Mono Steel India Limited is not the only one that has managed to succeed with PPRM. There are many others. Our team of experts has the ability to delve deep into the needs and wants of the clients.  This is why we promise and deliver success to all of our clients.  If you have any requirements, regarding rolling mills, we welcome you warmly. Just contact us today and have a bright future tomorrow.

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