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Maximising Productivity with PPRM Solutions for Shyam Steel Group

24 Jun, 2024

PPRM is an industry leader in manufacturing high-productivity rolling mills with a running speed of 30 metres per second and above. When Shyam Steel Group, a leading TMT bar manufacturer in India, aimed to enhance its operations, they turned to us for strategic collaboration.

Client requirements:

Shyam Steel Group required a state-of-the-art steel rolling mill capable of producing 330,000 metric tonnes of TMT rebars annually. The mill needed to achieve a top finishing speed of 32 metres per second for Ø10 mm rebars, catering to various steel grades and producing diameters ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm.

PPRM-tailored solutions: 

PPRM offered housingless stands with vertical/horizontal designs for reduced stress paths and a longer mill-bearing life. The design facilitated quicker roll-changing and gap-setting processes. The rigid structure of the design minimised roll jumping for better stock size control. The stands featured unique adjustable rest bars and air oil lubrication provisions that enhanced reliability and performance. 

PPRM’s pinch roll was designed for high-speed operation for rebar diameters ranging from 8 mm to 32 mm.  A direct DC motor drive was used to drive the continuous shear, and shifting of the bar was controlled through the servo motor to ensure precise cut lengths. The tail brake was engineered for high mill speeds up to 40 mps, particularly for 8-mm-diameter bars. 

PPRM’s high-speed rotating drum was engineered to receive the bar at a maximum speed of 40mps. Receiving the bar at such high speed is the key to the success of high-speed rolling because of the high accuracy and control of the rotating drum. The automatic cooling bed featured a rake mechanism for precise bar alignment and cooling of the bar at atmospheric temperature, which is called self-tempering of the rebars. A perfect design is very important for the quality of the rebars.

Why Choose PPRM:

When Shyam Steels was considering a partner for their rolling mill needs, PPRM stood out for several compelling reasons. 

  • Extensive expertise in designing and manufacturing tailored solutions.
  • Rich experience in running the mill at high speed to shorten the learning curve, which helped the client achieve the target production within the shortest span of time.
  • Deep understanding of industry challenges leading to efficient solutions for operational optimisation.
  • Equipment with low maintenance results in substantial savings over time.
  • With a focus on productivity and quality, PPRM ensures high operational efficiency with minimal downtime.
  • Reduced operational costs and spare requirements.
  • Increased mill running time and overall profitability through improved billet-to-rebar conversion rates.

Maintenance and Safety in Hot Rolling Mills

Come, Partner with PPRM!

Partnering with PPRM empowers players in the rolling mill industry to optimise operations and achieve sustained success. Just like Shyam Steel Group, your organisation can experience increased yield and annual production. Reach out to us today for tailored solutions to enhance your productivity and efficiency.

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