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Ultra High-Speed Rotary Drum (UHSRD) – Example of PPRM’s Excellence

25 Aug, 2021

Ask any rolling mill owner what seems the toughest task and you will get is achieving the rated capacity while achieving the quality parameters. It’s not easy to achieve the desired quality levels consistently.  But, now it’s possible as PPRM is here to help. 

To make this impossible task possible, we offer an ultra-high-speed rotary drum. Let’s know more about it. 

Ultra High-Speed Rotary Drum – A quality product

After understanding the complexity of high-speed rolling, PPRM has designed a high-speed rotary drum system. Here are some of its key qualities:

Better performance 

Because of its ultra-revolutionary double-driven rotary drum system, one can handle more bar lengths (cut pieces) in less time as response time is half of what is consumed during twin channel usage. Because of this feature, they are suitable for rolling mills, operational at 30Tons/hr speed. 

Uninterrupted operation 

To make sure there are no accidents or cobles in the finishing section, our high-speed rotary drum system features no deflection in the entry and exit sides. This is not the case with the traditional twin channel. Also, the drive system is installed far away from the entry and exit side, granting the user full control over the start-stop operation. 

High-end capability 

With features like reduced slot size and multi-channel design, our high-speed rotary drum is capable to operate Ø8mm @ of 40mps / cycle time of 1.4sec.

Helping beyond boundaries 

PPRM has the vision to become a dependable name for all rolling mills, beyond the boundaries. This is why we have an extensive installation and service network, covering all the leading regions. We have already done the installation of our high performing ultra high-speed rotary drum system in Qatar, Egypt, Nepal, and India

Do you need PPRM to handle your UHSRD related requirement? We are here to help by all means.

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